VERO Services

We can help turn your communications ideas and needs into results by focusing on key areas such as:



Message Development - Audience-specific, easy to understand, consistent messaging and message coordination. 


Audience Outreach - Identify and reach out to interested groups, business, stakeholders, press (local, regional, national, international), community leaders, and policymakers. 


Media Selection and Placement - Identify best vehicles for message delivery (social media, broadcast, print, other).  Proactively create opportunities.   


Advance Work - Speaking point suggestions, background information, prepare for potentially-controversial situations, speech draft review.  Evaluating logistics for optimum outcome. 


Image Consulting - Non-verbal cues must work together with the spoken and written message for consistent delivery.


Post Sessions - Review speech, presentation, interview, and/or meeting in order to improve, correct or adjust in timely manner.  Is message being received well with different audiences?  Is it effective?  What worked?  What didn't? 


Ongoing Representation - Prepare for key speaking opportunities, secure press interviews at each location and follow up with media requests on timely basis.  Continuous feedback.  Critique sessions on overall strategy and approach.